by Cory Doctorow (not yet published.)

Cory very kindly brought an early manuscript of this as a gift to Michael, Giles and I when we met him a while ago, and I’ve been wracked with guilt ever since because I apparently lost it soon after. Thankfully, it recently turned up (on Christian‘s desk – my fault!) last week, so I happily finished it pronto.

It’s his best fiction yet! He must be honing his abilities with practice. \o/ Michael do you want it next?.

Christian doesn’t like my subjectivity-proof rating system, so this one is specially for him.


10/10 if you want a lightly styled but deeply speculative and engrossing story that winds a like a sightseeing tour around the social and personal ramifications of the ways in which modern technology is changing the way people interact, organise and get things done.

0/10: If you aren’t interested in the ways society is changing under our feet.

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