A Case for Forward Error Correction

Announcing the first draft of our white paper, The Case For Forward Error Correction (PDF), outlining many of the revolutionary technical features which we leverage in our current project. I’ll be submitting it for presentation at the proceedings of the British Computing Society, and at the ACM later this year. Many thanks to all of the contributors – getting this far has been a lot of work, With special thanks to SCIgen.

3 thoughts on “A Case for Forward Error Correction

  1. Dammit, you’re right. Well, that spoiled that gag, didn’t it? Oh well. Does anyone know a convenient way to edit PDF files once you’ve baked them?

  2. I agree, Rev. Christian Muirhead was one of the foremost movers in this academic treatise and must not be forgotten.

    Prof. Michael Foord

  3. \gasp{shocked}

    Sir, my name has been typeset off the page!

    You have muffed your last incompetent LaTeX command, Grp. Capt. Hartley. An emergency meeting of the Ethics Review Committee shall convene at the earliest available juncture, and you shall be expunged from the hallowed corridors of our august institution. I shit you not!

    Yours &c,
    Reverend Christian Muirhead

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