Directed: The Coen Brothers, 1996.

Some brilliant performances, some lovely moments. Emminently watchable. Interesting point, I don’t know about Fargo itself, or The Dakotas, but the fine residents of Minnesota will insist that they neither sound or act like the depicted characters, which is of course absolutely charming. (love you guys! :-)

One thought on “Fargo

  1. As a Minnesotan, they\we most certainly do sound and act, not far off from the characterization in Fargo. However not in Minneapolis\St. Paul (called the Twin Cities, or for the people who talk like Margie, “The Cities”) You just have to go to greater MN, get pulled over or go to the DMV something local government and you betcha you’ll hear a Margie or two. I had lived in the Twin cities forever and almost never heard people talk this way, and when I saw Fargo I thought they were being ridiculous. Then I got a job writing software in the law enforcement \ public works industry, all of the clients from greater MN sound just like that, wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t also brain dead.

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