Me and the missus slung 200 feet in the air in a spherical 10 foot roll cage, on board the ‘Slingshot’ on the opening night of the Steel County Fair, Minnesota.

3 thoughts on “Freefall

  1. Oh my God, that it awesome! Pure fear, JB. Brilliant.

    Hope to see you both soon! Come by New York on the way back!

    “I’m done, thank you”. Ha ha! You should have done it again!

  2. Ha ha! I love that little negotiation at the end.
    I miss you guys!

    Abbey (our bridesmaid) and I did that in Paris the other day (her mum shouted us!) – the one we went on was ridiculously rickety. We didn’t get sucked into buying the video – wish we had now.

    Ages ago I took my little sisters on one (a three seater) in Palmerston North. Mum cried while she watched us, and Halmai (my youngest sister) was screaming “I’m going to die! I’m going to die!”. When we got off she was all jittery, and said it was the coolest thing she’d ever done.

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