Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lambs

It got a right drubbing critically, and was a box-office failure, but I found it powerful and compelling. It may not be crafted with the greatest finesse, but nevertheless it raises interesting and powerful questions, of the competence of our leaders in war, of the culpability of the media in towing the line, and of the personal responsibility that falls to each of us.

Most Americans seem unaware that their profligate spending on ‘defence’, coupled with regular invasions of other countries, cause them to be regarded by much of the rest of the world as the single biggest threat to world peace.

In such an environment, this movie asks us to have the bravery to let our point of view be known, and to take action when our beliefs contradict our Goverments’ decision to go to war. For anyone with questions about the justification for the recent wars that America has started (and my own country England has supported) this movie raises many issues, and spoke powerfully to my conscience.

Rating 8/10.

4 thoughts on “Lions for Lambs

  1. Saw the film on a plane. It was awful. Almost everything about it sucked, especially the heavy-handed treatment of the rather simplistic message. I mean, I’d rather kids watched this than another damned American Pie or Mission Impossible, but really, 8/10? 4 perhaps at most.

  2. Thanks so much for putting MobLogic to use the way we intended it!. Really appreciate you checking out the show, and please keep watching. Also, I’ve yet to see “Lions for Lambs” – but it is in my queue.

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