The Simpsons Movie / Goodbye Forever

The Simpsons MovieThere is, of course, no point whatsoever in me posting a belated review of the Simpsons Movie, which I and everyone else gleefully watched many months ago now. To the now long abandoned discussions of its merit I have absolutely nothing of value to contribute.

However, that shall not dissuade me from posting this one anyway, since such posts as these are not, as you might assume, for the benefit of my readership, few and benighted as they might be, but instead form an attempt to chart my media consumption habits for my own retrospective perusal.

It was with some dismay, therefore, that I noted that this inverted system of priorities is mirrored in the Herculean task of my reading of other people’s posts. Simply put, I seem to be reading other people’s blogs in order to make them feel good, upping their stats, making complimentary comments, showing an interest, etc, etc, rather than for my own benefit. Once this cold fact had impinged upon my conciousness, I had only one course of action left open: Cold Turkey. That’s right. No more Google Reader.

Abandoning the hampster wheel should free up a considerable amount of my time for other activities, and I am keen to quantify that process, so I will be keeping detailed logs of my time usage for a few days prior and post the switchover, to ascertain exactly how many hours I previously spent looking at labelled pictures of cats, which I will henceforth presumably be free to spend looking at actual labels on cats (or possibly labels on actual pictures of cats, let’s not get overly ambitious.)

In a final layer of delicious irony, I shall of course be blogging comprehensively about the entire experience, however your collective reactions to that will remain forever unknown to me. Henceforth you should consider me to be a purely one-way conduit of information. Goodbye forever.

5 thoughts on “The Simpsons Movie / Goodbye Forever

  1. @xtian,
    Ah, I evidently didn’t make myself very clear regarding the review: There is nothing for me to say about the movie which isn’t already obvious. But even though I have no content to post, I still wanted to make a post about it, for the purpose of compiling my own media consumption index. Hence a movie review that doesn’t bother to review the movie.

  2. What? You read other people’s blogs to make them feel good?
    If you don’t like the lolcats, just unsubscribe from Michael’s feed.

    It seems to me that you (and everyone else) started using feed readers because they saved time. You don’t have to go to each blog that you do actually care about every day to see whether they’ve said anything new. If you’ve now subscribed to so many blogs that you’re drowning in a flood of pointless information (this is obviously human nature), isn’t the answer to unsubscribe from all the ones that are low signal to noise?

    Some of my favourite blogs are the ones that post quite infrequently, on very narrow (but interesting) topics. Those are the ones that feed readers are for. Just prune everything else.

    Also, weren’t you going to review the Simpsons movie?

  3. Asshole :-)

    Not that you even bother reading mine anyway.

    And interestingly, this hot on the tail of my efforts to entice people to come to the site rather than relying on Google Reader, and you then persuading me that you’d rather have the full article in Reader.

    I for one will miss your contributions to nixtarolls, but up yours.


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