First Post! relaunched all over an unsuspecting, with a content-management makeover and a brand-new pseudonym (subsequently retracted, at least until Operation Cyber Poach goes into action.) Fortunately for those of a sensitive disposition, there doesn’t seem to be any way to import the mouldy carcass of circa 2000, short of devoting a Sunday afternoon to the task, those being a resource of which I am in limited supply. Luckily, I needn’t be embarrassed about having such a bare-cupboard site – as everyone knows, it takes millions of dollars to create compelling content.

Update 10/05/2007: Operation cyber-poach aborted, the bastard renewed.

$ whois
 Registrar of Record: Easyspace Ltd.
 Record last updated on 30-Mar-2007.
 Record expires on 24-May-2008.
 Record created on 24-May-2002.

 Domain servers in listed order:

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  1. Hey January! Thanks for dropping by! Check you out in Two Trains Running, how was that? Hang on, let me just send you an email…

    And as for fuzzyman and xtian, you two can cut that right out, pronto.

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