6 thoughts on “Lappy sketch lives!

  1. i seen ur pic of diet coke guru…………..want to tell u dat dis is a pic of god of a religion.So, remove tha pic from net as soon as possible. By doing dis , u can create spiritual problem .
    So, plz remove that pic from net….

  2. @bikramjit: Hey there. You mean this pic? Thanks for the thoughts. For the record, it isn’t my pic, some geezer drew it and I messed around with it.

    I don’t think that it’s necessarily a picture of a God, to me it looks like a man, and the painter titled it ‘guru’, which also, to me, implies it is a man.

    If it were a God, I don’t think I understand how such a picture would be a bad thing. I can’t tell from your post whether you are against the pic because you are pro-religion or anti-religion. I am atheist, plus I would like to combat religion because I think it is the biggest evil in the world. But I think the best way to do that is an open discussion of ideas, rather than suppression. So I think I’ll leave the picture up. Hope you’re OK with that.

  3. wtf is this
    dnt u have any respect?
    if ur sikh u should be shamed of ur self and you should remove this image as soon as posable

  4. Hey Jassi. I’m not Sikh, I said that. Why, what’s up? Do you object to me juxtaposing a picture of a man in a turban with a can of coke? No offense was intended, but I currently don’t understand your objection. Let me know about it so I can better understand. Email me if you prefer. tartley @ tartley dot com.

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