Altered Carbon

richard-morgan-altered-carbonby Richard Morgan (2001)

A romp through a hyperviolent cyberpunk future through the eyes of a character reluctantly press-ganged into the role of detective in a story woven around personality uploads, swaps, and backups. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was never going to be life-changing.

10/10 if you’re looking to kick back on the couch with tea, cake, and some exciting SF.

0/10 if you’re not.

2 thoughts on “Altered Carbon

  1. I enjoyed all of his books. It’s a shame he stopped after so few. I think he’s doing Xbox stuff now…

  2. Good old Richard Morgan. It’s all dripping with testosterone, so you do worry it’s a bit trashy, but he does always manage to deliver slightly more than just the toughguy and the ‘splosions.

    I recommend “Market Forces” for an ultra-bleak social commentary near-future take on the City of London…

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