Countries and US States visited

The old used to have one of these, so here’s a quickie replacement. It tends to overstate the case somewhat, a single foray across a border floods entire countries. I’d imagine good old Google’s freebie geospatial tools could be put to use to create a better one, but for the time being, here’s an amusing approximation. I’d be amused to see Skankmeister’s version.

Create your own visited countries and states maps. Or else go check out Uncle Nixta’s version, from whence I got the inspiration.

5 thoughts on “Countries and US States visited

  1. OMG what an online gaffe! Rectified immediatment, but how do I link to your particular post? And, come to that, when I saw an interesting comment the other day, on your brilliant ‘recent comments’ doobrie, I was unable to trace it back to the post to which it refers. Am I dumb? Don’t answer that.

  2. But! But! I’ll hold my breath until you update your article to reference mine then, so that I can get all the hits I deserve for manipulating your actions so cleverly. Either that, or the whole web will fall to pieces.

  3. But! But! You linked to someone’s ‘make your own’ page, so I did. You practically *made* me. I’m not to blame. It was your fault! YOU did it! You did it to your self. Autoplagiarist!

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